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19Ah Lithium (14.8V NMC) w/ Charger

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Amped Outdoors is once again changing the way you outdoors! Our new 19Ah (285Wh) 14.8V NMC Lithium Ion Battery is the highest capacity and longest lasting battery designed specifically for our advanced fishing electronics of today. Running out of power is no longer an issue with this battery as it has been tested with up to 140hrs* of operating time. This battery will give you 4x the capacity of a 9Ah SLA and 2x the capacity of a 10Ah LiFePO4 of the exact same size and weight!

Why 14.8V NMC Lithium Ion? Since most of our fishing electronics today are made to operate up to 17+ volts, this battery has a working voltage of 16.8V when fully charged and 12V  when fully depleted. That means you have the most usable capacity and zero worries of low voltage poor returns/images from your electronics. Unlike the competition selling similar NMC batteries (Usually 11.1V), our batteries use only the best NMC Lithium from Japan. Instead of getting 300-400 charge cycles with NMC from others, Amped Outdoors NMC will give you 800-1000 Charge cycles and a longer life expectancy.

Same size as 7-9Ah SLA Batteries. Our 19Ah battery will fit just about portable fish finder or flasher on the market today.