Protect Your Sonar Setup with Fish Armor!

Hard to Soft Water

Durable Fish Finder Protection for Extreme Conditions
The Fish Armor series of live imaging enclosed platforms are designed for the modern angler. Whether you're ice fishing, exploring remote areas, or fishing from a dock, our protective shuttles are built for all weather conditions.

Fish Armor Shuttle v2024

Step into the future with the 2024 Fish Armor. Showcasing a new wrap design, pre-drilled mounting holes for LED lights, Clam Gear and SAE charge port. Additionally, we've enhanced customization with a 3 position shelf height to accommodate today's larger screens. Compatible with Garmin 8612, 1243, and 126 UHD models and ALL screens of any manufacturer 10" or smaller.

Original price was: $469.00.Current price is: $389.00.

Premium Features for Advanced Anglers

Crafted from high-strength T5202 marine-grade aluminum, Fish Armor ensures rugged durability and protection for your Garmin, Humminbird, and Lowrance fish finders.

  • Customizable Platform

    Add rod holders, lights, and more to create your perfect fishing setup.

  • Marine-Grade Smart Control

    Tough switches designed for marine environments, ensuring your electronics stay safe and functional.

  • Versatile Power Options

    USB-A and USB-C ports to power a range of electronic devices.

  • Quick Access Design

    Grommet and pin closures for easy access to all compartments.

  • Durable Hinge System

    Polymer hinges ensure maximum strength and longevity.

  • Convenient Transportation

    Optional backpack straps for easy carrying.

  • All-in-One Handle

    Ergonomic handle secures the transducer cord and holds the transducer pole.

  • Efficient Storage Solutions

    Removable accessory tray and battery bracket for easy transitions between seasons.

  • User-Friendly Access

    Unique panel for easy access to all plugs and ports.

  • Maximum Transducer Protection

    Foam layer designed to guard against potential damage.

  • Optional Transducer Protection

    Removable transducer box for those who prefer using the dual-purpose handle for pole storage.

  • Stable and Non-Marking Base

    Non-skid feet ensure stability without marking surfaces, even on ice.

  • Secure Electronic Storage

    Store a variety of electronic accessories and batteries of all sizes.